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Public records Request form


    REQUEST DETAILS 1. Is this request related to a lawsuit involving Home Forward
    2. Is this request related to a tort claims notice involving Home Forward?
    3. If you answered “yes” to question 1 or question 2, are you making this request on behalf of a party in the lawsuit or tort claim?
    4. Answer this question if you are requesting a fee waiver. A fee reduction or waiver may be possible if Home Forward determines that this request is primarily in the public interest, and granting the waiver would not overly burden Home Forward.
    5. Does this request pertain to personnel records?
    NOTE: If “yes,” please attach a signed release from the pertinent employee(s).
    6. For immigration purposes, please choose one of the following statements:

    When describing the materials requested, to the extent known and with as much detail as possible, please include the type of document, author, date, subject matter, title, and/or address of any real property at issue. You may attach additional pages, if necessary:

    Home Forward will respond to your request as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay. We will provide you with a written cost and time estimate for providing the requested documents and require your approval before beginning work. If the fee estimate exceeds $25 and no fee waiver is granted, a 50% deposit may be required to begin work. Full payment of the total amount of costs incurred is required before the public records may be inspected or copies released.

    Home Forward Public Records Request Form
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