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If you rent to a Section 8 voucher holder or plan to, this section of the website is for you.

We have a team dedicated to assisting you with this process and answering your questions:

Email or call 503.802.8333, option 5.

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The Section 8 program allows private landlords to rent apartments and homes at fair market rates to qualified low income tenants, with a rental subsidy administered by Home Forward.

  • Section 8 is a common name for the Housing Choice Voucher Program, funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Home Forward administers the program throughout Multnomah County.


  • Low-income residents apply through Home Forward to qualify for a rent assistance voucher.


  • Approved tenants can choose any rental property in Multnomah County that meets Home Forward’s housing quality standards and has a reasonable rent compared with similar units in the market.


  • Tenants negotiate a lease directly with the property owner. Tenants pay a minimum of 28.5% of their income toward the monthly rent, and Home Forward pays the remainder directly to the landlord.


  • Landlords use their own lease agreement and the same screening criteria as any other applicant.

The process begins when a Section 8 participant contacts you. Advertising in places that Section 8 participants visit will help you lease your vacancies faster. You can call us at (503) 802-8333, option 5, to have your rental unit posted on our list of available properties. Landlords may also advertise their properties for free at

You can request a current fair market rent from your tenant. Home Forward will then determine if the rent is reasonable based on our assessment of fair market rents. We also must determine if the rent is affordable for the prospective tenant.

You may charge Section 8 participants the same security deposit that you would charge tenants who don’t have a Section 8 voucher.

Participating in the Section 8 program allows you to earn market-rate rents using your own lease and screening criteria, and also receive full rents when tenant hardships occur. Beyond the business benefits, you gain the satisfaction of providing a home for someone of limited means.

If the applicant is approved, there are three steps. First, they will bring you two forms to complete and sign. Second, we will inspect your unit. Finally, you will sign a contract with Home Forward, and a lease for 6 or 12 months with your new tenant. For more details on the process, visit Getting Started with Section 8.

If the rent is affordable for your prospective tenant, you can send us three verifiable, comparable rents for us to review.

There are currently more than 2,600 landlords in Multnomah County who are renting to Section 8 participants. They range from large property management firms to landlords who only have a single rental unit.

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