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Humboldt Gardens

Humboldt Gardens is a community in the Humboldt neighborhood featuring a combination of 130 flats, townhomes, and elevator-access apartments.  The mix includes subsidized housing apartments, and 31 of the homes have physical accommodations for accessibility.

Subsidized Units Unsubsidized Units Unit Type Size (sq. ft)Monthly Rent *
360 1 Bedroom 612 - 660N/A
15 91 Bedroom (Accessible)878 - 1143$818 - 1126
31 4 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath 878 - 1143$818 - 1126
6 5 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath (Accessible)878 - 1143$939 - 1126
610 3 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath 1185 - 1400$1046 - 1394
313 Bedroom, 1.5 Bath (Accessible)1185 - 1400$1046 - 1394
214 Bedroom, 2 Bath1019$1182 - 1687
1 04 Bedroom, 2 Bath (Accessible) 1019N/A

*Rent for all subsidized units is 28.5 – 31% of income

sidized Units
sidized Units
Unit Size Rent
36 1-Bedroom 612 - 660 sq. ft.N/A
15 91-Bedroom Accessible878 - 1143 sq. ft.$818-$1126
31 4 2-Bedroom 1 Bath 878 - 1143 sq. ft.$818-$1126
6 5 2-Bedroom 1Bath Accessible878 - 1143 sq. ft.$939-$1126
610 3-Bedroom 1 1/2 Bath 1185 - 1400 sq. ft. $1046-$1394
31 3-Bedroom 1 1/2 Bath Accessible1185 - 1400 sq. ft.$1046-$1394
214-Bedroom Two Bath1019 sq. ft.$$1182-$1687
1 4-Bedroom Two Bath Accessible 1019 sq. ft.N/A

*Rent for all subsidized units is 28.5 – 31% of income


5033 N Vancouver Ave.
Portland 97217


N Portland

Leasing Office: 

5033 N Vancouver Avenue, 
PortlandOR 97217
Managed by Home Forward


The waitlists are currently closed. Learn more about when we open waitlists.


Boise Eliot (K-8)
Grant High School (9-12)
Jefferson High School (9-12)


Bus: #44


Humboldt Gardens offers spacious apartments with beautiful wood cabinetry, extra storage, dishwashers, and self-cleaning ovens. Two laundry rooms are available for residents’ use in the mid-rise apartment building, while some other apartments come with washer and dryer hook-ups. Ground floor units have yards and porches, and many upstairs units have balconies. This lively community includes parks and play areas, a community center with a computer learning lab and internet access and a Head Start program. Several city parks and the North Portland and Cascade library branches are nearby.

Contact the leasing office directly for waiting list information.

After Hours Maintenance:

503-239-2773 Please do not call during regular business hours.

Income Guidelines: 

Applicants must have annual income that does not exceed 50-60 percent of the area median income for their family size. 

Subsidy Type: 

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Info for Current Residents: 

Learn more about the Community Builders program at your property and apply!

Contact us 

Property Manager: Michelle Gomez
Phone: 503-280-3850 | Fax: 503-280-3859

    Maintenance and Repair Request

    Please help us serve you better by providing as much information as you can about the repair need and location in your home. Let us know if you have any concerns about us entering your home, such as a pet that might be loose or run out the door, children who will be home alone, health needs, etc. Thank you for working together with Home Forward to keep your home in good shape.

    Please complete each field in the form below


        • NO HEAT

          – I have no heat in main bedroom, I have checked the breaker and its still not working, all other room’s heaters are working



          – There is no electricity in my unit, the lights are on in the common areas/neighbor but I still don’t have lights or power through the unit


        • LIGHTS

          – When I turn on the light in the bathroom, it tries to turn on but it makes a click sound and then it dies

          – The light in the dining room does not work at all


        • NO HOT WATER
          – The water is very cold in all sinks

          – The water is not heating enough and there is water around the water heater



          – The toilet is overflowing; this is the only toilet in my unit



          – The toilet close to the living room has been running for a couple of days. Started slow but there is now more flow



          – There is sewage backing up in my tub/toilet/kitchen sink/bathroom



          – There is water leaking under the kitchen sink when I am using the faucet

          – There is water leaking under the bathroom sink continuously, even when I am not using the faucet



          – The smoke detector in the main bedroom has been beeping since yesterday

          – The smoke detector kept beeping since the inspector came to test



          – The refrigerator is not cooling since Monday, it suddenly stopped cooling.

          – I checked the breaker box and everything seems ok.

          – The refrigerator is leaking

          – The right small burner is not working; it shocks if I turn it on

          – The oven is not heating, burners are working though


        • LOCKS

          – When I lock/unlock my unit it seems that the key is not turning or stocks while turning

          – I lost my key, please change the lock and charge my account


      • PEST

        – I found approximately 10 roaches in the kitchen cabinets last week

        – A household member has bed bug bites and we found some in his bed and in the sofa in the living room
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