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Housing Choice Voucher

A resource for Housing Choice Voucher participants and landlords

You may be able to move your Housing Choice (Section 8) Voucher from another housing authority with you to Multnomah County.

These steps outline the process for transferring or “porting” your voucher to Home Forward from another housing authority.

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If you have decided to move to Multnomah County, you will need to let your current housing authority know.  If they approve your move, they will connect with Home Forward. Make sure your housing authority has your current mailing address.

When Home Forward receives the paperwork from your current housing authority, we will assign your case to a service coordinator and mail you an intake packet to complete.  Please be sure to provide all of the information we require.  Any missing information, such as signatures or photo ID, will delay the process. 

Return the completed intake packet to us by the deadline in your instructions.

Once we receive your intake packet, your service coordinator will review your paperwork. Please note that if there will be a change in your adult household members, we will conduct a criminal background check.  If your intake information packet is complete, your service coordinator will contact you to schedule an orientation class. 

*Please note: Orientation can last up to 3 hours.

The orientation will provide information about our program and what to expect as you search for housing. Orientations are required for all families receiving Housing Choice Vouchers from Home Forward.

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Things to consider…

Home Forward is likely to have different rules, procedures, and deadlines than your current housing authority.  In addition, Portland has a very tight rental market, with low vacancy rates. Here are some things to think about when deciding whether to transfer your voucher to Home Forward.

  • We may also have a different subsidy standard than your current housing authority. A subsidy standard is the way we determine the number of bedrooms you qualify for on your voucher and may affect the rent you pay.
  • We use a rent calculation method different than most housing authorities, and it may affect the rent you pay.
  • If you are new to the Housing Choice Voucher program, we will need to determine that your family is income eligible.
  • The Portland metro area’s tight rental market currently is experiencing less than 2% vacancies and rapidly increasing rents.
  • We are unable to assist with moving costs. As you plan, please take into account application fees, rental security and cleaning deposits, movers, travel expenses, new furniture, and storage space.
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